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Implementing a new business model for the Spa Hotel Laine.

Development of a health and wellness spa with new Estonian curative mud product services in Estonia


The aim of the project is to implement a new business model of the spa hotel Laine - a modern health and wellness spa offering a wide range of innovative health and wellness services based on Estonian curative mud and other natural products, consumed by 40+ tourists from neighbouring countries Finland, Latvia and Russia.

Brief description of the project

  • In cooperation with the Centre of Excellence in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation (TERE KK), new services (including body treatments, etc.) related to Estonian curative mud and other natural products will be implemented.
  • Necessary changes throughout the customer journey phases of the new selected target group will be implemented across the entire customer journey, based on customer expectations and needs.
  • Training of employees.
  • Marketing the new services to a new target group, i.e. customers aged 40+ in the target markets of Finland, Latvia and Russia.
  • Suitable facilities for wellness services and body care are constructed and furnished.

As a result of implementation of the new business model, the number of tourists and overnight stays of tourists from both Estonia as well as from the neighbouring countries will increase.

Name of the fund
European Union European Regional Development Fund

Amount of the grant
194 597,07 €